Sometimes Good.
Sometimes Bad.
Never Boring.

Independent film is messy, but beautiful—and that’s how it deserves to be presented. The Streamlette feed hosts incredible gems and shocking duds. The thing is, we’re not telling which is which.

The Entertainment Discovery Platform

When you find a gem—and you will—review it and upvote it. The videos that get the best reviews get the most views. The videos that get the most views earn the most for their creators.

You win.
Filmmakers win.
Cinema wins.

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To keep things fresh, the feed updates itself based on interactions in the last week. So if a film got mediocre reviews last week but lots of upvotes, it could end up near the top.
It depends on what you’re looking for. Curation can make it easy to sort through lots of content and find the good stuff, but it can also make it difficult to discover new content. Streamlette solves this problem through the feed. Essentially the top of the feed IS curated by other users, but you can always scroll down and find new, undiscovered content too. This system allows you to take full control of your entertainment experience.
Capitalism. Well, that and our need to protect the integrity of the feed. If access was free, the site would be full of bots trying to game the interface to raise unworthy movies to the top. The monthly subscription allows us to keep the lights on and ensures that those who subscribe are actually interested in watching movies—not pushing agendas.
Yes! We welcome submissions. If you’re a filmmaker and think your project would perform well on the feed, submitting it is simple. Just create a filmmaker profile, accept our non-exclusive licensing agreement and upload your film! Once it’s approved, it will go live in the feed.